How to Deal with Challenging Behaviour in Your Toddler – Fussiness

Challenging behaviour in your toddler can take various forms. In this article we’ll look specifically at fussiness, what can cause it and what you can do to counter it. What is toddler fussiness? Different parents will have different expectations about how their child should behave, but here are some common examples of fussy behaviour: Moodiness Fussy eating Whiny or irritable behaviour Why do children behave in this way? There is a range of possible causes for fussiness in toddlers. It

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How Your Child Changes From Age 3 to 5

Between the ages of 3 and 5, children are developing physically, cognitively and socially. Let’s have a look at how you can expect them to change in these 3 key areas. PHYSICALLY They are starting to run and jump more easily. They climb up stairs with alternating feet. They can go to the toilet by themselves. They are more able to dress themselves, although they sometimes need a little assistance. They start to show preference for using one hand over

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What Makes a Good Childcare Centre

We know how important the early years of a child’s life are to their development. Their curiosity, emotional stability, sociability and other aspects of their behaviour and personality begin to form during this time. So, what should you look for in a childcare centre to make sure it gives your child the best start in life? Here are 7 things to check and ensure they get right. A Safe Environment First and foremost you need your child to be and

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