Kidzco Early Learning Centres

Our Philosophy

“It takes a village to raise a child” – African Proverb.

A child’s learning environment encompasses more than the family setting – it embraces the broader Community. We work Collaboratively with families and the Community to nurture and develop every child in their early, formative years.

At a Kidzco Early Learning Centre, every child is nurtured, treated with respect and dignity. We facilitate their development in all areas – socially, emotionally, spiritually and academically.

Our Educators

Our qualified Educators are committed to providing the best quality care and education.

Our Educators are responsive to children and their changing needs, interests and abilities. We create settings to invite experiences, interactions, risk-taking, discovery, connections to nature, conversations, play and collaboration.

Our experienced Educators allow our children to reach their full potential by challenging and enhancing their learning environment with high-quality pedagogical approaches.


We work Collaboratively with our families and the Community to nurture and develop every child in their early, formative years.


About Us

Our Kidzco Early Learning Centres are all purpose-built, designed to promote our Curriculum as well as providing a safe, secure and stimulating environment, encouraging each child to explore and discover the world around them.

Kidzco Early Learning Centres are privately owned, remaining under the same ownership since September 2010.

Kidzco Early Learning Centres are proudly managed by Elite Childcare Management.

Health & Safety

Your child’s health and safety are our top priority. Our centres have strict guidelines for cleanliness and security.  Our standards are the highest in the industry, meeting or exceeding all local and state guidelines.

Covid-19 Safe – our centres all have a Covid-19 action plan in place and actively adhere to all Government Guidelines surrounding the pandemic.

All of our early education and preschool centres include: